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Salon REFURB...

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

This month marks 3 years since Amy Waddell took the plunge and opened her own salon at the blossoming age of 22 and that was the start of Amy Waddell Hair Studio.

Three years down the line and Amy has her own successful salon with 12 staff and a diary fully booked months in advance with clientele. If that isn't a success story I don't know what is. To mark 3 years in business Amy decided that a total refurbishment of the salon was the only way to celebrate, obviously. We decided that all of the branding needed a shake up too & so planning started.


First off, we had to create a vision of what Amy wanted in the salon, which proved harder than we ever thought. One day we literally had to sit and go through photo after photo and pull out anything we thought would fit our image. Once we had a good collection of inspiration we approached a designer with our ideas & desires in the hope that she could point us in the right direction. What we learned during this process is you cannot settle for the first designer you meet, as we met a few different designers until finally we met Fran Holden, who we vibed with straight away and felt she really got our vision and knew the right steps to take us in the right direction, also Fran was actually one of our clients and had been under our nose the WHOLE time!


Once Amy and Fran met and discussed everything things started flowing straight away, Fran gave us a design layout of how we visioned the salon to look, Amy then went to various meetings regarding resources, printing, furniture etc. Before we knew it everything was ready to go on the 28th when the salon closed!

Before the Refurb:



Waiting Area:



DAY 1:

All of the floors ripped up, walls stripped & replastered & everything out. Ready to GO..


DAY 4:

The floor was down, the desk was making progress & our work stations were starting to go up!

The Desk:

Wait until you see the transformation of this desk!

We had 9 days, floors to be ripped up & relayed, walls to be stripped & re done, electrics to be re-wired. Tiles to get done & so, so much more...


Before the refurb:

The Finished Result:

The new stations, including 2 new stations!

The BACKWASH: 2 extra backwash, to improve clients experience 🙌🏽

The Retail Area of DREAMS 😍

RETAIL AREA: Now all accessible for our gorgeous clients!

The Brand New Waiting Area... I mean, do you even want to go to your stylist chair now?


Branding was so important to Amy, she wanted to get everything on point & of course it all starts with the branding, she wanted something simple & sleek, yet effective.

This branding was a TOTAL change from our old branding and totally fit into the new look of the salon..

Branding by Fran Holden

We are so delighted with the result of the salon & the branding.

It is everything Amy visioned and more and to see all of the hard work come together to make such a vibrant and beautiful salon, is exactly what Amy wanted and deserves.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us get to this stage, the biggest thank you to our designer Fran Holden who took us every step of the way & made this all possible.

Special Thanks:

Design & Website: Fran Holden

Joiner : Bryan Davies (junior)

Electrics: Stuart Mclea

Plumbing: Bryan Davies (senior)

Decorating: Callum Chambers

Signage: Specialized Signed

Upholstery: Central Upholstery

Shannon Walsh

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