• shannonwalsh

Jupiter Artland 🍃

On Tuesday 18th September Amy took all of AWHS' babies to Jupiter Artland, in preparation for a super exciting project we are doing in the salon.. keep scrolling to see what we got up to!

Jupiter Artland is a facility about 20 minutes away from the AWHS salon, which recently turned 10 years old! So what better place to visit to open our minds and take in the things around us. With the project we are currently working on we really have to use our imagination and look at things from all different perspectives, this was the perfect place to do so!

But first, coffee.

Even the cafe was super quirky & cute, everything has been done by thinking outside the box & we loved it!

The aim of the trip was to use our imagination & take inspiration from the things around us!

There was so many different sculptures & woodland. It was so cool to try see things that you see on a daily basis, in a different way. Taking into consideration, different shapes & tones and how they can inspire you to interpret that into hair..


Every opportunity is a photo opportunity, right?

Thanks for checking in, we'll keep you updated with our project..